In order to deliver outstanding value to our customers, Ridge AS D&W engineers are working closely with several industry-leading specialist companies. Together with our cooperating companies, we comprise 150+ engineers and specialists. 


Geomechanical modelling, sand prediction, fault reactivation, out-of-zone-injection, salt dome geomechanics, well damage, compaction modelling, geothermal, shale, gas storage.

Sand control and gravel packing, including their state-of-the-art gravel pack simulator software (PackPro)

CFD (3D) for multiphase flow. Their code is called TransAT Multiphase, which is used upstream as well downstream, for flow assurance, etc. Blow out plume simulations and subsea oil spill analysis using CFD.

Petroleum Geomechanics, cement sheath integrity, and laboratory testing on cement and rocks. Well integrity, logging, testing and software development. Both operational and R&D activities. Class leading knowledge in cement integrity using software such as CurisData and CurisIntegrity.

World-class specialist services primarily in the analysis of geological samples. Formation damage analysis, fluid compatibility, sand retention testing experts.

State-of-the-art and innovative directional drilling software, complete offer of well engineering services and dedicated training courses. Well integrity, drill bits, directional drilling. Torque & Drag & Buckling analysis, casing wear analysis, wellbore survey

Equipment integrity, technical and equipment audits, equipment QA and QC, quality engineering, FMECA, etc.

Leading solution provider, active in well construction and abandonment, IOR and production technology.

Software & consultancy company increasing well uptime for oil & gas operators. Well integrity (WIMS software) and well reliability advisors and experts, using the WellMaster equipment reliability database.

CWOP, DWOP using real time visual simulations and RIDGE AS CWOP methodology.

Field development and project management, independent advisory house trough the oil and gas field lifetime value chain.

Experienced, independent consultants within Geology, Geophysics, Reservoir Engineering and Production Engineering.

Providing risk-based services to the oil and gas industry. Its core competence is risk and safety consultants in Norway where the oil industry faces many risks due to challenging offshore developments and expanding deep-water & subsea operations.


An independent and leading consultant company within Materials Technology and Innovation. A team of experts offering high quality work, always updated on the newest technology. With focus on safe engineering and always doing the job right the first time.


Xwells is working in deepwater and ultra-deepwater environments on both sides of the Atlantic and on HPHT environments in the North Sea. They have managed rig intake,acceptance and start-up operations for drillships, semi submersibles and jack-ups.


Magney Grande, is an agile company offering a range of specialty electrical products and an unparalleled consulting team comprised of subject matter experts in various disciplines within the Electric Submersible Pumping marketplace. Magney Grande have their primary offices in the San Juan Basin area of Colorado, USA. 


T2 Petroleum Technology Ltd is an independent consultancy specialising within Production Chemistry and Scale Management. 


Petrell are developing technology for multi-physics simulation and tailor-made simulations systems. They develop simulation systems based on their proprietary CFD/FEM technology (Brilliant), on which they also offer analysis services. In addition they offer consultancy services within safety and well/wellbore.


Completion Services is a Well Completion Diagram Quality Assurance and Software Solutions business working with small, medium and large oil companies throughout the world that are looking to centralize and quality assure their completion schematics. Resulting in easy access to what is actually downhole, and the most up to date drawings.

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Provider of engineering services, in particular chemical and process engineering. 
Eager to solve whatever engineering challenges you have. Core specialism is chemical and process engineering but can call on an extensive professional network and partner organisations when required. 
Main focus is the oil and gas industry, however eager to take on assignments from other industries.


Gefion Nordic Norway provides a wide range of skilled specialists within the field of offshore drilling. Personnel support, Technical support, Drilling courses and a Senior Advisory Group is among their offerings.